Saturday, December 19, 2015

Native American Tribes

Before Colombus started his voyage to Bahama, a different group had discovered. It was thought a nomadic group came from somewhere in Asia to Americans.They stayed in there since 12,000 years ago. It is thought the Asian lived in somewhere that now is called Alaska. The scholars estimated around 50 million of people had already stayed there.

By then, 15 centuries later, European began their voyage to discover America. Afterward, Americans are divided into native American Tribes or Nations according to the politics, culture, customs, language and religion. There are many native American tribes like Cherokee, Apache, and the Navajo.

The nativeAmerican tribes had never passed down their journey about America. Recently the archeologists learn it from weapons, artifacts, and tools. The tradition also becomes the hint as it handed down to generations.

The truth of the Indian as native American tribes are still debated. The Indian which is named as the part of Asian race is still doubtfully because of the darker skin thought to be the part of Hispanic which lived in the south of Africa.

The history of native American Tribes is begun from Mayans that developed around 500-800 BC. This race mostly spent their life by hunting and farming. The most popular art in this Mayans era is sculpture. They also paid obeisance to the sun as their Goddess. Besides, Mayan was famous at the magic that they could communicate with Nature. They could make rain, thunder and storm. In the other hand, they were also familiar with literature which is proven in the inscription.

Once the Mayans era had ended up, around 800-1200 BC, Toltec replaced as the new era. They were a member of American Indian along ago before the Aztecs came. They were still related with Mayans era according to the artifacts and the sculptures left. The Aztec era finally came by the time the Spanish tried to invent the land. They also created a luxurious ancient relics in Mexico. The Aztec had only existed around 1200-1500 BC and replaced by Inca before the Spanish conquest. The Inca had also existed in the short time since Spanish came to conquer most the Americas areas.

American Native Tribes Today

The migration of Europeans, especially Spanish had made the native American tribes became a minority as they lost many wars. Additionally, British also tried to reach and conquer the Americas and made the population decreased. It was forced the native to move and live in the jungle.

Today, the descendants of American Native Tribes live in reservation which this the only way to help them protect their heritage and culture. Some of them live outside the reservation just like the other Americans who live normally.

The population of American native is really difficult to increase. It might be caused by their way of living which is tend to be in discrimination. Meanwhile, they should have faced some hard war like they did at the past with the white people.

Today, half of million of them live in U.S.A searching a wealthy life among the whites. Some of them live far away leaving the technology. However, they realized their standard of living should be raised. Accordingly, they build a council to help them solving problems. It is hoped will raise their living quality.